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ERISA Law Firm Provides Knowledgeable Advice on Employee and Retiree Pensions and Benefits

Attorneys assisting employees and retirees with the unique complications of ERISA law

Since its passage in 1974, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act has governed private-sector benefit plans and challenged employees and companies with its detailed and fluid requirements. No matter how ERISA affects you, Sandals & Associates, P.C. can provide the experienced counsel so that you understand your rights and requirements. If your ERISA dispute results in litigation our Connecticut attorneys can handle your case effectively.

Representing parties in all types of ERISA cases

Our attorneys deliver skillful advocacy for various types of ERISA litigation, including:

  • Denial of benefits Often, benefits are not what the beneficiary expected. If this type of dispute arises, we give clients complete legal support starting with advice on potential issues concerning the statute of limitations and administrative record.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty We are familiar with the current statutory duties imposed on plan administrators, investment managers and others with control over the plan. Should a violation be alleged, we provide knowledgeable advocacy to give you the best possible chance at success.
  • Removal motions In most situations, an ERISA matter filed in state court can be removed to federal jurisdiction. Our experienced attorneys can describe how the difference might affect your case and will strive to have it heard in the forum that works best for you.

Even if you’re not certain how ERISA applies to your benefits issue, Sandals & Associates, P.C. will review the matter and give you an outline fro what you can expect.

ERISA advisers with the necessary awareness of financial and healthcare issues

Part of the reason why ERISA cases can be so complex is because they involve questions of detailed financial transactions and the technicalities of health insurance. Whether you’re a beneficiary, employer or administrator, we will synthesize the sophisticated issues for you and put our knowledge to your advantage.